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Nova Light Gray Shaker Collection cabinets Aurora Line

The Nova Light Gray shaker cabinets are an excellent choice for smaller kitchens, creating a sense of spaciousness that can make the room feel larger. To add warmth and character to a kitchen with Nova Light Gray shaker cabinets, you can consider incorporating natural wood accents or warm metallic finishes, such as brass or copper. These shaker cabinets pair well with a variety of countertop materials, including granite, marble, quartz, and butcher block, allowing for endless design possibilities. For a monochromatic look, consider pairing Nova Light Gray shaker cabinets with a matching light gray backsplash and flooring. You can also add a pop of color with accessories such as colorful dishware, a vibrant rug, or bold wall art to create a focal point and add personality to your kitchen with Nova Light Gray shaker cabinets. Visit our Aurora Line Cabinets showroom in Arlington Heights, IL, to see more of our kitchen cabinets and explore various options for your kitchen design.

The price Nova Light Gray Shaker - FROM 2750$ per 10' X 10'


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Chicago Illinois

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